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Suitcases and Lattès

Hermanus is world famous for the chances of catching a glimpse of a whale in the cooler months. I had not realized what an absolute buzzing place it is in the summer too. Here’s a run-down of some of the things I got up to during my 2 nights in the town.

You're sure to spot this whale! You’re sure to spot this whale!

Village Centre / Promenade

Hermanus is freaking beautiful!!!

God's fine creation God’s fine creation

Seriously, the vastness of the ocean and the rough tide can leave you feeling like you just want to jump into the foamy waves. Hermanus is a photographer’s dream. Pity I’m not much of a photographer but there were plenty of other photographers and tourists in general –  the place felt like it was bursting at the seams.

20140103_182419 God’s other fine creation 😉

There never seemed to be any parking, the bars were packed constantly and we couldn’t even get a…

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Great post

Winter Foxes

Luna #4 this so far is the least Luna looking.


It was another snow day today! Whole snow day too. So I got to start the day sleeping in. Watched some Merlin with my husband. Cleaned the house. Shoveled out the car. And I set up my easel and started a little painting.

It’s still a work in progress but here’s a couple photos. It’s not what I normally do. In fact I kinda hate painting flowers. But I loved the color combination and the roses my husband brought home for me the other day that I wanted to save them. Plus with oils unless doing a still life you need to be much more prepared with your subject matter which I was not.


The snow was so bright. I think he silence in he snow is beautiful and contrasts perfectly with the overwhelming light. It was lovely today.


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Urban suggestions by Urbanbilingual.Com


Www.Urbanbilingual.Com is ready… and I LOVE IT!

I’ve been thinking about this “Great Launch” post for months… I have a good number of drafts too which I decided not to use because they seem so outdated at this point! It was hard… yes, it was really hard and I have to take back most of the good things I said about my collaborators, lawyers and web designer… help will be very scarce when you will be building your website, your business, your future… you’re mainly on your own! But when it’s over, you will be so satisfied, proud and fulfilled that gratitude is the only thing you feel!

Eventhough I know that I AM the one who took this project to an end, the “Thank You” video came from my heart… this is why it had such a positive impact on the launch… I published the video a couple of…

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Doctor Who and the Android Invasion!

Subatomic Tourism

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Rock Art!

Sweet Side of Sunshine

What do a middle school teacher and a first grade teacher need the weekend before parent-teacher conferences?  A relaxing weekend at a yoga retreat in the beautiful mountains of Colorado!


This past weekend, my best sister-friend Kelsey and I spent 24 hours at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat just outside Nederland, CO.  I could not have asked for a more perfect, beautiful, and relaxing weekend, and I honestly wish we could have stayed much, much longer.


I took as many pictures as I could, but the whole point was to relax and disconnect from the world.  So while we’re not wearing any yoga garb in these photos, rest assured that we were practicing yoga and meditation all weekend!

We arrived Saturday afternoon and checked into the ashram.  We were given keys to our private eco cabin and a brief run-down of the weekend’s schedule.  We walked a few short steps to our…

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The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.






This post consists of thoughts & suggestions from a good blogger friend named Ms. Penny Howe. Her blog “TheWhyAboutThis” is one I read daily and appreciate very much. When you get some time, visit TheWhyAboutThis.



My thoughts on our current education system


By Ms. Penny Howe


As you know, whether we are speaking of education or any other public program, policy, rule or law – they are all related and interconnected to one another. So having said that …

It’s simple actually, well okay no it’s not, because it involves ‘change’ and for many in this country (the people and chosen politicians (This is in no way a negative reference to Obama, I feel that the job he does, he does astonishingly well consider both his hands are usually tied for all the…

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Remaining Faithful…


I could have never imagined that after the big initial choice of changing my career path I would have had to keep making choices continuously from that very moment up to today… Where should I start my activity? Which type of company should I have? Who should design the website? In which language? Which social networks? Which music? Which currency? What legal terms? What keywords? How to build the site? When? Who can help me?… Every morning since that day, I wake up and I have to take decisions… it almost seems that this is my new job: making choices and taking decisions.

We’re almost there (launching date estimated for July 15) but I can already see the key decisions which helped me reach my goal… Project managers call them milestones, I call them “the most important decisions I had to take”:

1. Hiring a web designer… after multiple failures…

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